5 Heart Quilts

5 Heart Quilts of Tehachapi California



  1. What is a fat quarter?

    A fat quarter usually measures 18" x 22". When you take a half yard of fabric (18" x 44") and cut it in half again (lengthwise), you would half two fat quarters that measure 18" x 22". 

  2. What type of fabric do you carry?

    We sell first quality 100% in florals, geometrics, novelties, tone-on-tone, batiks and Asian prints. You will love all the choices in rich, bold colors as well as those in softer, muted tones.

  3. What kinds of kits do you have?

    We carry numerous kits for all sizes of Log Cabin, Twisted 4 Patch (6 sizes), Mountain Double 9-Patch, Watercolor 9-Patch and more.

  4. Do I pre-wash my fabrics?

    Absolutely! You need to equalize the treatment of all fabrics before you start cutting so that they do not shrink nor bleed color into each other.

  5. What products do I need to get started quilting besides the fabric?

    You need to have a rotary cutter, blade resistant rulers, cutting mat, pins, scissors, matching 100% cotton thread, and a seam ripper.

  6. When is the best time to make a holiday-patterned quilt?

    Most of our clients start sewing for those December holidays in July!

  7. Can I dry clean my quilt?

    Although it seems logical, never dry clean your quilts. It can ruin intricate fibers and destabilize stitching. 

  8. Do you have gift certificates for sale?

    You are right! When you know someone loves to quilt or might like to start, giving them a gift certificate is the easiest way to offer them the opportunity and select what they want.

  9. What is your store policy for Classes?

    Classes are "beginning to end" (except for Lemonade), which means that the class is never over until you know how to finish your quilt. Work at your own pace, be happy with your work. 5 Heart Quilts is not concerned with how many hours you are here, but with you not being frustrated with your project.

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